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Meh Vie.
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Date:2004-11-26 22:00
Mood: Ironic.

...You wouldn't believe it, but I truely tire of leaving and starting over agian.

I apoligize for being a whiny bitch. I'm just living a perfect life, and miraculously oblivious to it. I'll work on that.

Damn it, I really tried not to be trite.

That's okay, you can just end it here.

(4 taste(s) blood. ++ | Take me out.)

Date:2004-11-13 15:11
Mood: recumbent

This journal esta mucho friends only, wanker. :)

You could, however, gain access to all of the riches I have uploaded by clicking thusly.

Otherwise, please allow me to redirect you to another exciting site much catered to your particular interests!

♥But there you go for the last time.

(Take me out.)

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